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Aaaaaand another redraw! so pls guys stop reblogging the old one. this is pretty much better

Still practicing with line art and flat shading


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Anonymous said:
oh gosh if it's not too much trouble could you tag your nsfw

((Oh crud I apologize! I usually do, I just forgot to that time! I’ll do so in the future, my bad! And as a general heads up, if you want something tagged just let me know so I can catch it! It’s no trouble.))


haaaaa colors what

Anonymous said:
Have u had ur first kiss

D —> Abso100tely

capecodkwassa-kwassa said:
Do you like the walking dead?

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friend: wait you have an equius askblog?
me: y...yes....
friend: i-- OH RIGHT that's why you're drawing him! i just thought you compulsively drew equius all the time!